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Zoom self-study room opens from Sunday 7 am(May 31st) through Monday 7 am(June 1st) UTC.

London: Sunday 8 am – Monday 8 am(BST)
Paris: Sunday 9 am – Monday 9 am(CEST)
Moscow: Sunday 10 am – Monday 10 am(MSK)
New York: Sunday 3 am – Monday 3 am(EDT)
Chicago: Sunday 2 am – Monday 2 am(CDT)
Los Angels: Saturday 12 pm – Sunday 12 pm(PDT)
New Deli: Sunday 12:30 am – Monday 12:30 am(IST)
Beijing: Sunday 3 pm – Monday 3 pm(CST)
Tokyo: Sunday 4 pm – Monday 4 pm(JST)

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・ You can enter and leave the room freely.
・ You do not have to turn on your camera.
・ DO NOT record this Zoom meeting without permission.
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